Passive Smoking

A main argument of many consumers of electric cigarette is the reduced cost. A variety of smoking cigarettes currently is switching to the cheaper option. But how much can you really save with the electronic cigarette now? Is it worth switching over from a purely financial perspective? To answer this question, one must first take a look at the fixed costs and the running costs of the electronic cigarette throw.

An average model with all the extras you get already from 20 Euro and 30 Euro is already obtained a very high-class model. This price also includes spare set of batteries and Depots mitinbegriffen.

Added to this is the price for the Liquid, which in a sense provides the “fuel” of the electronic cigarette. Here are the prices vary of course, but one can observe an average price of around 15 euros per 50 ml.

Numerous laws have been here already enacted to prevent the pathogenic fun. For example, no attempt should tobacco products are on shelves and also the advertising of those is prohibited. Are cigarettes sold to minors, as is to be expected with a very large fine. According to the Minister of Health 2025 to completely disappear from the New Zealand Association of smoking tobacco products.

Since the electronic cigarette comes as a tobacco-free replacement product just right and also meets at the New Zealand population for an award.

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